Whether they’re using stilettos or slides, American women have an intense, love-hate relationship with their shoes, according to a revealing brand-new survey by a major foot care business. Females like the pleasure they get from their favorite shoes: Nearly 90 percent say that when their feet feel and look great, they feel excellent, too. But– ouch– they also dislike the pain their shoes can trigger: Nearly two-thirds state they would like to use particular styles of shoes, but they simply injured excessive. In reality, 60 percent state they have actually interrupted or avoided activities such as walking, shopping or dancing since of the pain triggered by their shoes.

” When it pertains to shoes, females do not wish to compromise design for comfort,” states shoe expert Meghan Cleary, creator of the shoe-lover’s Website, www.missmeghan.com, and author of “The Perfect Fit: What Your Shoes State About You.” “The contemporary woman wants it all: to wear her high heels, and be comfortable.”

Now ladies can easily have both due to the fact that the specialists at Dr. Scholl’s ï ¿ 1/2 For Her have created a whole new line of foot care items designed just for women and the shoes they love to use. The new products consist of Convenience Insoles, Open Shoeï ¿ 1/2 Insoles and clear Ball of Foot Cushions– all with Massaging Gel that offers amazing comfort– and are designed to fit in everything from a fab ballet flat to your favorite sexy stiletto.

And when the shoes come off, nothing satisfies more than a foot massage, particularly when provided by someone unique. In the survey, ladies admit that actor George Clooney is the celeb probably to play a role in their foot-massage dreams, with 20 percent of women choosing him to soothe their soles!

If George isn’t readily available, women can turn to the Dr. Scholl’s ï ¿ 1/2 For Her line for all their foot-pampering needs. The line of product also includes a variety of deep-moisturizing foot creams, scrubs and pedicure implements, all particularly designed for the skin on the feet-which is 50 times thicker than the skin on the remainder of the body.

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